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UAC Research Scholarship Project 

Beginning in 2011 a group of dedicated, committed and successful chiropractors got together to discuss some of the challenging issues involving research facing the chiropractic profession. They sought to add to the literature base and at the same time to support students with an interest in research and scholarly activity. These 12 members of the UAC committed to providing $2500.00 scholarships to students in exchange for completing case study research papers on their practice members who had experienced positive health outcomes as a result of chiropractic care.     


Funding for the scholarships was donated to the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation and a group of 10 chiropractic students enrolled at Life University received all funds related to these scholarships totaling $30,000.00. These students completed a total of 12 case study research papers with these doctors.


The Foundation would like to thank the following members of the UAC for their generous donation to these students and for their commitment to the future of chiropractic.


Michael Acanfora, D.C.

Nate A. Blume, D.C.

Staci Jean Borkhuis, D.C.

Chris Brown, D.C., CCSP

H. Kala Eulitt, D.C.

Steven G. Geanopulos DC, DACNB

Michael Gibson, D.C.

Peter Lombardi, D.C.

Grace Syn, DC

Richard Yoshimura, D.C

Steven Windwer, D.C., PT

Anthony Slinger, D.C.



The papers were published as part of a Special Issue in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research - Click Here to View the Research Papers