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Reformation of the Chiropractic Educational System Based on Curricular Freedom

We propose fundamental and far reaching reforms of the educational and accreditation system within the chiropractic profession. This reform begins with substantial structural and personnel changes to be made within the CCE in order to create two autonomous accreditation Councils.
These Councils will enable curricular freedom for those who desire primary care status and those who wish to provide a conservative, traditional chiropractic education. This will require substantial changes in the bylaws, operating structure and the function of the CCE.
The key for this model to be successful is the ability for both Councils to work autonomously. Separate Councils will need to be created along with separate Site Team panels and there will need to be coordination of each of them.
This restructuring of the CCE will then offer accreditation of two programs leading to chiropractic degrees that will be offered by institutions. One program, focused on vertebral subluxation, will lead to the already existing Doctor of Chiropractic and the other will lead to an as yet unnamed degree.  Governance changes will need to be made to the overall structure of CCE to ensure a workable level of trust from stakeholders.
Once established, these autonomous Councils will develop appropriate Standards and competencies including those for subluxation-centered chiropractors and programs. Institutions could offer the program they desired. This proposal will have to include the development of similar autonomous bodies and testing programs within the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners or the establishment of an additional testing arm.
This proposal involves parallel tracks and does not include the concept of tiering or a hierarchy in any way as it is detrimental to both factions. More so, it suggests that the subluxation centered chiropractor is inferior.  Under no circumstances would this proposal move forward under such concepts.
This proposal is not made without significant and serious review of the history of accreditation, the political landscape within chiropractic and an analysis of the various possible scenarios in regards to reform. This proposal also embraces a restructuring of the current delivery and pedagogical models utilized in the chiropractic educational system. 
For a detailed review of these analyses please see the following document:

Click Here For a Summary of the 5 Scenarios Outlining The Way Forward