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Dedicated to the Founding Principles & Tenets of the Chiropractic Profession

The chiropractic profession is in the midst of deep and serious changes. These changes are taking place in the larger context of health care and an even larger socio-cultural worldview that is not necessarily congruent with the founding principles and tenets of the chiropractic profession.


In other cases some of the original premises of the chiropractic profession are being co-opted by others as they come to see the value in the niche that chiropractic has carved out for itself.


During this tumultuous time it is ever more important that the profession hold fast to its unique and distinguishing features for these are all we really have claim to.


Beyond holding ground already gained there is a sense of urgency that the profession must seriously advance itself in the area of vertebral subluxation. The identification and care for this pathophysiological process is uniquely chiropractic and through research, education, policy and service we must ensure that we remain at the forefront of its elucidation.


Through research, science, education, policy and service the mission of the Foundation is to advocate for and advance the founding principles and tenets of the chiropractic profession in the area of vertebral subluxation.


A sick and suffering humanity needs us and we need you to join us on this mission.

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Dedicated to the Founding Principles & Tenets of the Chiropractic Profession

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